Promotional Materials

Plan for approximately 225 delegates.

Exhibition Space

Each exhibitor will be provided with:

  • 6′ X 18” (approx. 1.8m x .45m) skirted table
  • 2 chairs and 1 branded table top sign that includes your partnership level as well as your logo.

Exhibitor Set-Up

Wednesday, October 11th beginning at 1pm.

There is no pre-selection of table locations. We don’t know the location of the tables until we are on site and can place them in the exhibit area.

Please note you may NOT distribute tote bags as this is a sponsored level.

You may wish to enhance your space with a banner, branded table cloth, flowers.

You may display any promotional items or materials on your table, including those of subsidiary or parent companies. Please note: you may NOT serve food and/or beverage from your booths. You may give out sample bottles of rum or chocolates, but no food or drink service.

You will not be able to attach a banner or any promotional material to a wall.

There will be a Partner draw so please bring something along to collect business cards in (ie. bowl)

Shipping Procedures

All shipments must have the supplier invoices attached

The hotel recommends sending your packages with either DHL or FedEx, as these companies have their own custom broker; however, if a custom broker is needed, below are some options on island:

Once your shipment has been sent, please send the hotel your tracking numbers (, so that the Business Center team can track the shipment and arrange storage upon delivery to the hotel. They will ensure that the packages are delivered to the conference office or to the exhibit location. Please be aware that there is a shipment handling fee and storage fee.

Storage Incoming boxes received more than 7 days  prior to the program / event will occur a charge for storage at $5.00 per day / per package. Weekly Storage fee – $25.00 per box

Package Handling:

  • Small Packages – $5.00 per box
  • Medium Packages – $10.00 per box
  • Large Packages – $25.00 per box

Ship all items to:

The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman
1066 West Bay Road
Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman,
KY 1-1209 Cayman Islands

Phone # 345-943-9000

ATTN: Business Center
MSE: Hajnal Csiki


i.e. “1 of 7”, “2 of 7”, “3 of 7”, etc.