All profits from the conference go back into professional development programs in the Caribbean and provide the seed capital for this conference to continue and travel throughout the Region annually.

The principal objectives, for which the Association was established, are:

  • to promote, for the benefit of the public and financial services industries of the Region, high levels of skill, knowledge, professional competence and integrity on the part of compliance officers, and equivalent office holders however described, of organisations in the Region;
  • to promote the study, research and development of the practice of compliance (including corporate governance) in the Region and to publish, disseminate or otherwise make available the results of such study or research;
  • to promote the principles and recommendations advocated by the Financial Action Task Force and the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force;
  • to identify the key issues of compliance which are relevant to the financial markets and services provided within the Region;
  • to provide a platform to assess the current level of activity of compliance across the Region, and to assess potential needs and priorities in order to develop a proper and appropriate compliance culture;
  • to provide, where possible and appropriate, members throughout the Region with practical training, education and information to assist with the implementation and maintenance of effective compliance and anti-money laundering programs in their respective jurisdictions;
  • to provide a forum for discussion of new legislation and internationally accepted best practice relevant to the role of the compliance officer and the financial services industries in the Region;
  • to provide a forum for networking and sharing information;
  • to assist members in ensuring that their own representatives or members remain or become good corporate citizens;
  • to raise funding or pool resources, where possible and appropriate, in the Region in an effort to facilitate the deterrence and combating of money launderers, terrorists and the likes from damaging or abusing the financial services in the Region;
  • to provide an interface between the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force or other inter-governmental bodies, regulators and law enforcement agencies and otherwise to represent the interests of the Association to government bodies and agencies;
  • to engender, maintain and enhance confidence in the administration of financial services, both in the Region and internationally;
  • to represent the interests and objectives of the Association globally;
  • to support other like-minded groups, associations and organisations in the pursuit of better compliance and corporate governance;
  • to advance the interests of the Association and to provide facilities, services and benefits for the Association and its members; and
  • to do all such other lawful things as are incidental or conducive to the pursuance or attainment of any of the principal objects in consideration of its members.