Kyria Ali

Personal Information

Kyria Ali, is the Chief Executive Officer of the NAGICO Insurances Group. She is a high energy C-Suite Executive with a proven track record of leading with purpose and obtaining desired results.

Kyria is known and respected in the financial services industry for her versatility and ability to navigate the constantly changing regulatory and economic landscape. She has worked in the private sector and also conducted work on behalf of regulators. She has a flair for bridging the language and mindset gap which often arises between the operational and compliance functions and has helped many professionals in this area. This skill Kyria attributes to her broad knowledge base, which she acquired from her, over 2 decades of, training and working experience in the GRC, regulatory, strategic, business advisory, M&A, financial and audit space, within the financial services industry and with over 17 regulators. Kyria says that it is through a genuine investment in understanding her audience, the different roles, objectives and mindsets that she has been able to contribute and add value.

She is passionate about making a positive difference and sets out each day with this as a daily goal.