The Barbados Association of Compliance Professionals


The Barbados Association of Compliance Professionals (BACP) is a non-profit organisation incorporated under the Companies Act of Barbados and represents the only local association for compliance professionals. It was formally established on April 8th, 2013. The Association comprises compliance and other relevant professionals in areas such as supervision, banking, finance, corporate and trust services, legal services and non-traditional business services which have regulatory obligations under Barbadian law.

It is a voluntary organisation that seeks to provide the necessary professional development resources to support individuals and entities in better understanding their roles and obligations. We also seek to support and contribute to national efforts to ensure the integrity of Barbados’ business infrastructure is maintained and enhanced by promoting a better and inclusive understanding of compliance by all members of our association.

BACP is a member of the Caribbean Regional Compliance Association (CRCA) which is the regional forum of compliance professionals represented by member compliance associations from the Caribbean and Central American regions.